Prague: City of Bliss

Prague. It even sounds pretty.

Known as the “city of a hundred spires,” the capitol city of the Czech Republic is a colorful enclave of baroque buildings, a medieval astronomical clock, and mesmerizing rows of Gothic churches reflecting the diverse government ruling it since its founding in 885 AD.

Steeped in culture, intrigue and history, Prague invites travelers to check out its many historic sites and rich, European architectural wonders. Perfect for romantic getaways and history tours, visitors are charmed by the city.

Situated on nine hills along the Vltava River, Prague is home to lush greenery and sprawling parks to explore.

Abundant Art and Architecture

Prague abounds with pre-war buildings featuring intricate architectural detail common to many European cities. Many structures incorporate artistic designs like facade sculptures. Be sure to get a look at the Nationale-Nederlanden building; an office building nicknamed the “Prague Dancing House.” Prague is known for its abundance of public art; some symbolic, some contemporary and others, abstract. A few date back to the communist era.

Renaissance City and Affordable Destination

Those returning from Prague comment on its surprising affordability, the lure of its cobblestone streets and medieval homes and the interesting renaissance it’s enjoying. The area suffered greatly during communist rule and Prague has seen efforts to restore its streets and structures to their original elegance. The current vibe of the city has shifted from an historic travel destination to a lively air of urban renewal, vibrant freedom and artistic expression to the delight of locals and travelers alike.

A great example of modern Prague is John Lennon’s Freedom Wall. Toward Communism’s end in the 1980’s, students began writing John Lennon lyrics on the wall to voice their grievances. The wall has become an homage to love and peace and people continue writing and painting on its surface.

Prague is a quaint, walkable city. Don’t leave without seeing the historic center of Old Town Square, home to the city’s biggest draw, the Astronomical Clock. 

For centuries, people have gathered at this site to hear its ancient bell toll. When the pandemic ends, they will likely gather here again.

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